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Taking on the World, One City at a Time

“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with single step”. The proverb proves to be true as my dream to explore our lovely planet started out by visiting the local places around Mumbai. Just like most of the people, my journey started by visiting some local treks and camping while I was a teenager in college. The fascination to explore and travel to various places developed when I visited Rajasthan on a college trip and it changed the perpective of my life completely. I developed an inevitable thirst to see different places, learning local cultures, languages, music and trying out local cuisines of various parts of the world . In a span of last 10 years I have travelled to almost all the states in India and it left me awestruck with its diversity and incredible beauty. I have now started travelling global with a count of total 5 countries as of February 2020. I have started writing blogs to share my travel experiences, inspire and also provide proper guidance to all the travelling soul, just like YOU!

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