Hello readers, Welcome to the yet another exiting blog and in this post i am gonna tell you about Coonoor & Ooty. In this article you will be given a brief idea about these beautiful places and things to do as a tourist in Coonoor and Ooty.

Coonoor and Ooty are beautiful hill stations located in the state of Tamil Nadu in India and are situated at a distance of just 20 kms from each other. The area is well known for its famous Tea estates covering the slopes of majestic mountains. Ooty is situated amidst the Nilgiri Hills which actually means blue mountains and it was the summer headquarters during the British regime. The former name of Ooty was Udagamandalam.

Ooty View

Ooty is nestled at an elevation of 2240 meters and the weather is cool and pleasant throughout the year. The breathtaking view of the mountains, the greenery, the cascading waterfalls and various flora and fauna attracts many tourists from the nearby cities. It is also one of the most popular destination for Honeymooners, as the newly wedded couples look to begin their new chapter of life visiting these romantic hill stations

How To Reach Coonoor & Ooty

Coimbatore is the nearest Airport & Railway Station. Coimbatore is located at a distance of 85 kms and it takes nearly 3 hours to reach Coonoor or Ooty. You will easily get shared taxi and bus from Coimbatore. If you would like to have a comfortable journey and at your own pace then it is recommended that you book a private cab.

You also have the option to start your journey from Bangalore and club your Ooty trip with Mysore. The sector Bangalore Mysore & Ooty can be easily covered in a weeks time.

On the way to Ooty from Coimbatore

Best Time To Visit

It is one of the destination which can be planned throughout the year and is generally categorised as per following seasons

April To June (Summers) is the best time to visit Coonoor and Ooty as the weather remains cool and pleasant as compared to other parts of the country.

November to March (Winters) is a great time to enjoy the winters with cool and foggy weather covering the mountains.

If you love rains,  then you should definitely visit this place during July to September (Monsoon) season. Yes, you might not be able to enjoy the sightseeing points but the rain scenes here will have a soothing effect for your soul, to its core. Just ensure you book a hotel room with a good view.

Ooty Hills

Fog View during Monsoon

Places To See In Coonoor & Ooty

Honestly, each and every place and even a little corner situated here is blessed with special kind of beauty. Anyway, some of the major sightseeing places to see & experience in Coonoor and Ooty are as follows:

Ooty lake

Ooty Lake is located amidst the greenery of the Nilgiri mountains. It is at a distance of 2 kms from the main town of Ooty. Surrounded by the Eucalyptus trees, the beautiful carpet of green grass and various colourful flowers makes this place looks very attractive. You can try boating across the lake and enjoy peace and serenity of this place.

Ooty Lake Boating

Enjoy boating at the beautiful Ooty Lake

Ride at the Toy Train Nilgiri Mountain Railways

The toy train of Nilgiris is one the most famous attraction of Coonoor & Ooty. You must enjoy the picturesque journey of this magnificent train which covers total distance of 46 kms. It has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The train goes through the dense forests, dark tunnels on a green and verdant slopes creating an experience to cherish for lifetime. If you don’t wish to cover the entire journey, you can take a short ride booking your tickets from Ooty Station to Coonoor Station

Toy Train

Toy Train ready to enter the tunnel

Botanical Garden In Ooty

Botanical garden is spread over an area of 54 acres and is one of the most important tourist spot in Ooty. It is located on the lower slopes of Dodabetta Peak with variety of flowers and exotic species of various plants. The Botanical garden is divided in six different sections which are trimmed and maintained very beautifully and the name of the sections are New Garden, Lower Garden, Nurseries, Italian Garden, Conservatory, and Fountain Terrace. Enjoy strolling through these parks admiring the beauty of this place which will have soothing and peaceful effect on your body, mind and soul.

Botanical Garden In Ooty

Botanical Garden Ooty

Sims Park In Coonoor

Sim’s park is one of the most famous sightseeing point in Coonoor. It is famous for thousands of varieties of trees, plants and flowers which are nicely maintained and taken care of. You can walk through this park and enjoy the beauty of the nature. There is also a small lake and a park for the kids

Enjoy View Dolphin’s Nose Head

Dolphin’s nose head is a view point located at an altitude of 1500 meter offering stunning views of the Nilgiri mountains. The St. Catherine falls and Coonoor stream is also visible from this point. It is named as Dolphin Nose Head because of the huge rock visible from here which resembles nose of a Dolphin. You must definitely visit here to enjoy the panoramic view of the hills, occasionally covered with clouds.

Dolphin Nose head view Point

View point Dolphin Nose Head

Visit Tea Museum

Tea Museum near the Dodabetta Tea Factory is located amidst the tea gardens processing some the finest quality of teas from the Nilgiri ranges. You can learn the insights of tea making, the history and the entire process from harvesting to packaging. You can purchase variety of flavoured teas and herbal oil from the store located inside the premises.

Tea Estate

Tea plantation around the Tea museum

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake is a stunning place located 28 kms from Ooty. The lake was formed due to landslide in the year 1800 and hence got its name as Avalanche. The lake attracts nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts who love trekking and camping. Personally speaking this is my favourite place in this location.

Avalanche Lake Ooty

View of the Avalanche Lake

Lambs Rock

Lambs Rock is located at a distance of 8 kms from Coonoor. It is famous for exquisite view of the mountains, Coimbatore plains, Tea & Coffee estates. It is also known as suicide point. Enjoy the greenery and nature while walking to the top. Don’t forget to try eating the noodles while enjoying the view.

Dodabetta Peak

Dodabetta is the highest point of the Nilgiri Mountains rising at a height of 2637 meters which means Big Hill in Kannada language. It is located at a distance of 10 kms from Ooty and offers an astonishing view of the nearby areas covered with dense forests. It is one of the best sightseeing point offering the best view of the Nilgiri Hills.

Dodabetta Peak

Can you see the Ooty town from Dodabetta Peak?

Shopping in Coonoor & Ooty

Ooty offers lots of options for shopping and you can purchase variety of products including winter wears and good quality woollen clothes from the market. The Tibetan market near the Botanical garden sells colourful shawls, stoles, embroidery clothes and jewelleries. You can Grab some fresh spices like cumin, turmeric, pepper, nutmeg etc from Upper Bazaar Road. Do not forget to purchase the local Tea, herbal oil, fruit jellies, fruit cheese, chocolates and honey.

Where to eat in Coonoor & Ooty?

Cafe Diem Coonoor: It is a wonderful restaurant with amazing ambience. It is a vegetarians restaurant serving some exotic cuisines including Mediterranean French and Italian cuisines. Cafe Diem serves varieties of homemade pastas, pizzas, risotto soups, salads and desserts. Please ensure you reserve your table before visiting as this place is usually full.

The Culinarium Coonoor: It is an European cafe situated on the main highway between Coonoor and Ooty. One must try Pastas, Pot cooked pie, meat lasagne and goulash. They serve some exotic ice creams and varieties of breads and pastries. You can also enjoy alcoholic  drinks here.

Place To Bee- Ooty: Place to bee is situated close to the boathouse where you can enjoy variety of soups, appetizers and desserts. It is said that you visit to Ooty is incomplete without visiting this restaurant.

Hyderabad Biryani House Ooty: Located near Wellback Residency hotel, this little restaurant is paradise for the non veg lovers. It serves variety of Veg, Chicken and mutton biryanis along with Kebabs and curries. The view from the restaurant is equally amazing.

Home made Chocolates from Ooty

Home made Chocolates of Ooty


So, in this blog you were given a good, brief idea about these beautiful destinations. I hope you enjoyed reading the post about things to do in Coonoor and Ooty. I request you to please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comment box. You can contact me for any assistance, If you are planning to visit Coonoor and Ooty.